Get Your Best Security Today

Posted on February 27, 2022 By Identification Guru

Here are some general suggestions that may increase your security for you and your employees: As an employee, you likely want to do everything possible to keep your workplace safe. Here are some general suggestions that may help you increase your security. While many of these steps may seem like common sense, it’s always important … Continue reading “Get Your Best Security Today”

Security in the Workplace

Posted on February 25, 2022 By Identification Guru

Below is some ideas on best practices for security in the office, some might apply some might not. Since most of us work from home these days it’s something not a lot of us think about. As things get back to normal let’s not forget to be safe. In today’s world, security is more important … Continue reading “Security in the Workplace”

Visitor Management Is Important In Schools

Posted on February 24, 2022 By Identification Guru

Visitor Management. School is back in session and safety is always important. Visitor Management. Make sure your students are aware of the dangers that can come with being back in school. These fun and informative badges can help keep your students safe. The different designs make it easy to choose the right one for your … Continue reading “Visitor Management Is Important In Schools”

What Security Means for Hoobe

Posted on February 22, 2022 By Identification Guru

What Security Means for Hoobe. At Hoobe, we work hard to provide our corporate customers with the best technology identification cards and electronic security solutions possible. Our products are designed to make it easy for employees, visitors, contractors and others to identify themselves quickly and easily, as well as keep your workplace safe and secure. … Continue reading “What Security Means for Hoobe”

Be Tempbadge Secure Now

Posted on February 22, 2022 By Identification Guru

You need to identify staff quickly and easily, but don’t want the hassle of managing lanyards or ID cards. Traditional methods of identification, such as issuing ID cards or using lanyards, can be time consuming and difficult to manage. Use Tempbadge. Hoobe’s Tempbadge is the perfect solution. This expiring badge is easy to write on, … Continue reading “Be Tempbadge Secure Now”

How to Secure your Building

Posted on February 22, 2022 By Identification Guru

Do you want to make your business more efficient? Our IDP printers are the perfect solution for any business that needs to print high quality, professional-looking identification cards. They’re easy to use and can be integrated with existing software systems. Plus, they’re fast – printing up to 300 cards per hour! You don’t have time … Continue reading “How to Secure your Building”

Eco-Friendly and Secure Now

Posted on February 17, 2022 By Identification Guru

Eco-friendly literally means earth-friendly or not harmful to the environment. This term most commonly refers to products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water and energy. Eco-friendly products also prevent contributions to air, water and land pollution. Why Eco-Friendly? A little something to think about when you think. First, every … Continue reading “Eco-Friendly and Secure Now”

Get Genuine Primus Here!

Posted on February 15, 2022 By Identification Guru

Primus Cards not Primus the band. 900001 Primus PVC White Model: 900001 Tags: #card, #hoobe, #primus, #pvc, IDP Primus PVC, CR80.30 Mil, Graphic Quality Primus PVC Cards, Qty. 500 IDP Genuine Primus cards are manufactured with the highest standards to optimize the print quality of your printer. The Primus cards are produced to ISO CR80 specifications (54mm x 86mm | 2.12” x … Continue reading “Get Genuine Primus Here!”

Love, Rainbows and Security

Posted on February 14, 2022 By Identification Guru

It’s what everyone wants, right? Happy Valentines Day 20022. 2138-8006 Red SlimReel™ System Lanyard/Badge Reel Description The SlimReel™ System is an innovative card-carrying accessory that offers three solutions in one: a standalone badge reel, a standalone lanyard or a lanyard/badge reel combination! This key to this product is a set of convenient plastic snaps that … Continue reading “Love, Rainbows and Security”

Need a Buddy? Secure Life.

Posted on February 10, 2022 By Identification Guru

Badge Buddies enable patients to easily identify the roles of those who are caring for them and help provide peace of mind for patients and staff. They easily attach underneath existing ID badges, so there’s no need to replace current badge stock. Badge Buddies arrive fully laminated, slotted, and ready for immediate use. And they’re … Continue reading “Need a Buddy? Secure Life.”


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