IDP Corp Ribbons & Supplies

Color Ribbons

With the use of IDP’s Genuine color ribbons, the SMART printers will produce industry leading image quality. Color images are composed with three primary colors (yellow, magenta, and cyan) which can create up to 16.7 million colors. IDP’s FINE™ image technology makes it possible to optimize these colors to meet the strictest of corporate identity’s color requirements.

Most of IDP’s color ribbons also offer a true resin black (K) panel as well as a durable varnish (O) panel. The K panel is used for text or barcodes and the O panel washes over the full card to protect against dye-migration, fading, and scratches. To further increase your cards’ durability, we recommend laminating your cards with the SMART-50L, 51L, or -70L laminating printers.

Using only IDP’s Genuine color ribbons is essential to the quality of your printed cards and maintaining the long life of your printer.