Why DTC1500 Works for you,

Innovative and Versatile, Fargo HID DTC1500

Innovative and Versatile, the DTC1500 is a perfect printer for any organization. It offers lower costs and easy-to use features, while still providing you with innovative protection!

The HID® FARGO DTC1500 card printer and encoder offers the convenience of high-capacity consumables with a comprehensive feature set. Built on 20 years’ worth experience, this device is perfect for any business looking to save time in their production process while still getting top quality prints!

The DTC1500 is a powerful and versatile device that can be used by government, universities and colleges as well as K-12 schools. The 1500 model also has features to meet the needs of healthcare facilities or small businesses looking for security in their networks

Built on 20 years of proven direct-to-card printing expertise, the HID® FARGO® DTC1500 card printer and encoder offers the convenience and lower cost of high-capacity consumables along with a comprehensive feature set — enabling organizations to routinely issue highly secure cards and IDs at a fraction of the cost without sacrificing quality. Designed for government, universities and colleges, K-12 schools, healthcare facilities, and small-to-medium businesses, the DTC1500 boasts distinctive security features.

  • Innovative, built-in security features — Easy-to-implement security features such as resin scramble data protection and custom overlay watermark come standard on every unit
  • Low-cost, high-capacity consumables — High-capacity, full- and half-panel color ribbons significantly lower cost-per-card and reduce total cost of ownership
  • Highly versatile — Powerful printing in a modular, scalable design that simplifies in-field equipment upgrades and migration to higher levels of security
  • Earth friendly — GreenCircle® Certified for efficient energy consumption and eco-friendly (ECO) refill ribbons

Security, lower cost, innovation, and versatility — they all come standard with the DTC1500.

The DTC1500 offers the convenience at low cost along with comprehensive features while still providing innovative protection that will help you issue highly secure identification cards more efficiently than ever before!

With a lower cost and more convenient option, DTC1500 delivers on the needs of organizations.

It’s highly secure while being easy to use with its innovative features that help you reduce time spent managing cards.

The intelligent design of the DTC1500 offers an efficient way to create identification cards while still providing you with innovative protection! With lower costs and easy-to use features, this printer is perfect for any organization.

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