Display Pride in America

Posted on March 27, 2022 By Identification Guru

Display your patriotism with this vibrant Hoobe America Lanyard! Made of durable polyester, this lanyard is perfect for conventions, conferences, and trade shows. It also makes a great giveaway or souvenir. The dye-sublimated edge-to-edge printing showcases the flag’s design beautifully and will never fade. Display pride in America! USA Flag plaid design lanyard in vivid … Continue reading “Display Pride in America”

Contactless Smart Cards

Posted on March 9, 2022 By Identification Guru

HID Contactless Smart Cards HID Contactless Smart Cards. HID Global provides the industry’s broadest array of ID cards-based devices (called Credentials) such as Cards, Tags and KeyFobs. HID offers single technology to multi technology security device including contact chip-based card (Smart Cards) including non-technology cards with visual security features. Enhanced by service programs like Corporate … Continue reading “Contactless Smart Cards”

New Accessories Update

Posted on March 6, 2022 By Identification Guru

ID Badge Accessories https://www.hoobeid.com/product-category/id-badge-accessories/ Our customers appreciate our wide range of identification solutions. Which is why they always come back to us for all their needs. If you’re looking for a dependable provider of identification products, don’t hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements and see how … Continue reading “New Accessories Update”

Innovative and Versatile

Posted on March 5, 2022 By Identification Guru

Why DTC1500 Works for you, Innovative and Versatile, Fargo HID DTC1500 Innovative and Versatile, the DTC1500 is a perfect printer for any organization. It offers lower costs and easy-to use features, while still providing you with innovative protection! The HID® FARGO DTC1500 card printer and encoder offers the convenience of high-capacity consumables with a comprehensive … Continue reading “Innovative and Versatile”

Even The Best Take Breaks

Posted on March 4, 2022 By Identification Guru

Too much screen time makes me feel like this guy below. Remember to take breaks. Why Take Breaks? Here are some things to think about when needing a break from the screen and some tips on how to go about it. I am going to do no-laptop Saturday tomorrow. Find the original post here at … Continue reading “Even The Best Take Breaks”

The Most Viewed From February 2022

Posted on March 4, 2022 By Identification Guru

Here is the winner for our most viewed post in February. Maybe people were looking for Love on Valentines Day? Love, Rainbows and Security It’s what everyone wants, right? Happy Valentines Day 20022. 2138-8006 Red SlimReel™ System Lanyard/Badge Reel Description The SlimReel™ System is an innovative card-carrying accessory that offers three solutions in one: a … Continue reading “The Most Viewed From February 2022”

Rigid, Colorful, Get It Here!

Posted on March 1, 2022 By Identification Guru

A couple items we provide that you might be interested. Or not. It’s up to you. Rigid, Colorful, Get It Here! 1840-6410 Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal 1-Card Dispenser Introducing our Frosted Rigid Plastic Horizontal 1-Card Dispenser with Extractor Slide! This innovative dispenser is perfect for easy card removal. Simply slide the extractor back and your … Continue reading “Rigid, Colorful, Get It Here!”

Get Your Best Security Today

Posted on February 27, 2022 By Identification Guru

Here are some general suggestions that may increase your security for you and your employees: As an employee, you likely want to do everything possible to keep your workplace safe. Here are some general suggestions that may help you increase your security. While many of these steps may seem like common sense, it’s always important … Continue reading “Get Your Best Security Today”

Security in the Workplace

Posted on February 25, 2022 By Identification Guru

Below is some ideas on best practices for security in the office, some might apply some might not. Since most of us work from home these days it’s something not a lot of us think about. As things get back to normal let’s not forget to be safe. In today’s world, security is more important … Continue reading “Security in the Workplace”

Visitor Management Is Important In Schools

Posted on February 24, 2022 By Identification Guru

Visitor Management. School is back in session and safety is always important. Visitor Management. Make sure your students are aware of the dangers that can come with being back in school. These fun and informative badges can help keep your students safe. The different designs make it easy to choose the right one for your … Continue reading “Visitor Management Is Important In Schools”


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