Primus Cards not Primus the band.

900001 Primus PVC White

Model: 900001 Tags: #card#hoobe#primus#pvcIDP

Primus PVC, CR80.30 Mil, Graphic Quality Primus PVC Cards, Qty. 500

IDP Genuine Primus cards are manufactured with the highest standards to optimize the print quality of your printer. The Primus cards are produced to ISO CR80 specifications (54mm x 86mm | 2.12” x 3.38) and are packaged securely for high quality dust-free printing.

Not to mention, IDP offers a full range of industry standard cards such as PVC and Composite PVC in various thicknesses, magnetic stripe LoCo or HiCo cards, as well as adhesive-backed mylar cards.

900201 Primus PVC Prox Cards, custom programed

Model: 900201 Tags: #card#hoobe#primus#prox#pvcIDP

Primus PVC proximity, 26-bit, CR80.30 Mil, Graphic Quality Cards, 100 Pack

What is a Proximity Card you ask?

A proximity card or “prox” card is a contactless RFID card which can be read without inserting it into a reader device.  Correspondingly the term “proximity card” refers to the 125 kHz devices that typically has a read range up to 1.5 inches.  Furthermore, typical applications are employee access control, time and attendance, and car park access. Buy today!

Also, Plastic cards usually serve as identity documents, thus providing authentication. In combination with other assets that complement the data stored on the card, like PIN numbers.

Not to mention, today, they also serve authorization purposes, most often as bank cards for allowing their holders to do financial transactions.

At first, early and simpler cards feature only hard-to-imitate integrated photographs, security hologramsguillochés, or a magnetic strip on which few bytes of personal data could be stored, smart cards, i.e. those equipped with an electronic chip (storage, or RFID).

Not to be confuse with Digital cards

Example, A digital cardvirtual card or cloud card is an online hosted, digital virtual representation of any plastic card. A generic identification method in IdM (Identity Management). A digital card doesn’t require any physical representation in the first place as it is fully virtual and hosted online.

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