Where everybody knows your name -ID Software Series

Posted on October 11, 2019 By Brian Kenney

Next up, CardExchange Producer PREMIUM Edition. When you need a little more than just the basics you go Premium. With Producer Premium, not only can you use one of our pre-loaded databases, you can also connect to your own MS Access database, MS Excel, and CSV. Every card you create can connect to its own … Continue reading “Where everybody knows your name -ID Software Series”

Reflective Lanyard

Reflective Lanyard, cool and safe

Posted on October 8, 2019 By Brian Kenney

Lanyard 2135-2529 Orange 5/8″ (16 mm) Reflective Lanyard W/”Safety First ”Safety First” with Reflective Lanyard, be safe out there everyone! These would be great for you trick-o-treaters out there this year. Reflective Lanyard W/ “Safety First” Luminescent Imprint & Nickel-Plated Steel Swivel Hook. Perfect For Outdoors. Lanyard Has A Gray Material That Reflects Light And … Continue reading “Reflective Lanyard, cool and safe”

Ultra Bright Color ID cards

Posted on October 8, 2019 By Brian Kenney

You won’t believe your eyes when you see the cards the PR-C201 prints out! #Amazing #Brightcolor Retransfer printer, over-the-edge printing, full bleed images NiSCA’s retransfer printing technology allows you to print FULL COLOR, FULL BLEED IMAGES in brilliant true color. The retransfer process uses dye sublimation to print a high-resolution image in reverse directly onto … Continue reading “Ultra Bright Color ID cards”


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