Snip, snap and never be bored again. Just be careful when it comes back to you. Oh and, they come in any color and can be customized. WHAT!?!?!

2120-7052 Translucent Blue Badge Reel W/Clear Strap

Model: 2120-7052

In Stock


2120-7052 Translucent Blue Badge Reel W/Clear Strap quantity

Minimum Units of: 100 items

2120-7052-Translucent Blue Premier Carabiner Badge Reel W/ Clear Strap. Reel Diameter 1-1/4″ (32mm). Cord Length 34″ (864mm) – Rated For 100,000 Pulls. Minimum Order 100 Pieces

Remember to snap and swivel!

badge tether or badge reel is a spring-loaded reeled tether that resembles a button badge in appearance or attachment. It is used to avoid damage to or the loss of small important objects kept on-person that need to be accessed frequently or quickly, such as a ski pass, identification card or badge, name badge, keys, a phone or other handheld device, or a penknife or other small tool.


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