State Employees

Government ID Cards:

Hoobe Identification Solutions works with all levels of government providing secure and durable photo identification credentials. Our identification technologies support barcode, magnetic stripe, Smart or Proximity cards for your existing or new application. Our solutions also include biometrics and access control.

State and local-levels of government encompass a complex, multi-tiered mixture of services-from public safety to transit systems to parks and recreation- requiring several key components that encompass their access control and security systems including ID card printers/encoders, software, card readers, programmers and card production services. Due to the heightened security requirements at all levels of government, the complexity of the state and local government infrastructure combined with relentless budget pressure, finding the right security solution for a specific municipality might seem nearly impossible. Our solutions include but are not limited to:

  • Logical Access
  • Physical access control including use of biometrics
  • Visual identification
  • Visitor Management

Photo identification or photo ID is an identity document that includes a photograph of the holder, usually only their face. The most commonly accepted forms of photo ID are those issued by government authorities, such as driver’s licenses, identity cards and passports, but special-purpose photo IDs may be also produced, such as internal security or access control cards.

Photo identification may be used for face-to-face authentication of identity of a party who either is personally unknown to the person in authority or because that person does not have access to a file, a directory, a registry or an information service that contains or that can render a photograph of somebody on account of that person’s name and other personal information.


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