Symbol MC 70 Mobile Unit w/PassagePoint Mobile

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Symbol Handheld Solution

PassagePoint Mobile combined with the Symbol Handheld and Zebra Mobile printer allows visitors to be processed and badges printed from any remote or outdoor location. If a wireless network is available, visitor data will be updated in real-time to a PassagePoint client server. Otherwise, all visitor data will be stored on the handheld until the unit is placed on a docking station connected to a PassagePoint client workstation that not only synchs the visitor data, but also acts as a charging station for the unit.

The Symbol unit runs Windows Mobile OS, with a unique PassagePoint visitor management interface that enables searches of pre-registered visitors, pre-authorized contacts, active visitors already signed in, and those who have been signed out that day.

The Symbol unit includes a mag stripe reader for scanning and inputting info from driver licenses, a barcode reader for signing people in and out, and an optional Zebra wireless printer for printing badges on the spot.

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