Evolis Securion Smart & Contact ID Printer SEC101RBH-0CCM

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SEC101RBH-0CCM-Securion Smart & Contactless with Dual Chip Encoder Printer with Smart Contact Station, Contactless Antenna, Dual Chip Encoder, USB driven encoder, Dual Sided, USB & Ethernet

Securion personalizes and durably protects secured badges for every security application:

From simple ID cards to fraud-proof security:

  • Governmental applications : Identity cards, Driving licenses, Welfare and health cards
  • Security and identification applications at companies, harbors and airports, schools and universities
  • And for all applications that require fraud-proof identification and high resilience

Badge lamination:

A protection film is applied over the surface with hot roller technology, after the graphical and electrical personalization process. The film is either a continuous layer of varnish or a patch. Editing and encoding a secure badge is just a matter of a single pass.

Main specifications:

  • Single and dual-sided printing and lamination
  • Color and monochrome capabilities
  • Lamination and printing speed :
    • between 85 and 105 Cards /h (YMCK-K + patch 1.0 mil single-sided),
    • between 85 and 120 Cards /h (YMCK + patch 1.0 mil single-sided)
  • Encoding options: magnetic stripes, contact and contactless SMART cards.
  • Windows? 7 (32 & 64 bits), Vista (32 & 64 bits), XP & Mac OS X compatible
  • 2-Year warranty

Securion is available with the following options:?magnetic stripes, contact and contactless smart card encoding. These options can be combined in a same printer

MSRP – $ 7590?*Call for Custom Pricing?800-440-0207

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