08106 Half-day/1-day school adhesive expiring badge back

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Looking for an easy way to keep track of visitors at your school? Our adhesive expiring badge backs are just what you need! These badges are simple to use – just peel and stick them to any shirt, and they’ll expire after a half-day or full day. That means you can easily keep track of who’s been in the building and when they left. Plus, our bright colors make it easy to identify guests quickly. So why wait? Order your adhesive expiring badge backs today!

08106 Half-day/1-day school adhesive expiring badge back (handwritten) with printed “SCHOOL VISITOR”

Visitor Management is important at all kinds of facilities, but is perhaps most important at schools. Schools have an obligation to keep their students and staff safe and secure, and an effective Visitor Management program is a big part of that.

Welcome guests to school with safety in mind using our school-themed TEMPbadge™ expiring visitor badges. While our other expiring badges can certainly be used in schools, the badges in our school-themed product line feature printed titles and expiring circles that are designed specifically for schools.

This expiring badge back features a handwritten customization area where a guest’s name and the date can be added manually. A printed “SCHOOL VISITOR” title makes it clear which type of guest the visitor is. An adhesive back makes attaching the badge to the visitor easy.

These school-themed badges use expiring circles to show when a badge is no longer valid. These circles are available with different printed graphics and in both half-day and 1-day time frames. This badge back is compatible with both half-day and 1-day expiring circles, making it a versatile solution.

Once the expiring circle is adhered to the badge back, the expiration process begins. After either a half-day or 1-day time period, the expiring circle will have clearly changed color, making it obvious that a guest’s visit is over.

Don’t take chances with a school visitor badge program! Protect students, faculty and staff alike with these effective expiring school visitor badges.

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Are you visiting a school soon and don’t want to spend the time and money to get an official visitor pass? Well, we’ve got great news for you! Our Half-day/1-day school adhesive expiring badge backs are just what you need. These badges are perfect for visitors who only need to be in the school for a half day or less. They’re easy to use and expire after just one day, so you won’t have to worry about them getting lost or stolen. So don’t miss out on these great badges, order yours today!



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