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Cell phone wallets are perfect for storing your most valuable possessions – credit cards, hotel keys and even a few bills. They’re made with an 3M adhesive that will stick securely to any flat backed smart phone including iPhones®, Galaxy® series phones or other similar devices!

These cell phone wallets are made from silicone rubber with a 3M adhesive back. They fit most flat-backed smart phones including most iPhones® and the Galaxy® series. They’re great for holding credit cards, hotel keys, Metro Cards, a driver’s license and even a few bills.

Wallets will hold up to three cards securely. Customers love these, as they’re great promotional giveaway items.

  • Cards will not fall out
  • Great for everyday use

If you find yourself constantly forgetting where you put your phone, then this is the perfect solution. Cell Phone Wallets are made from silicone rubber with an adhesive back that fits most flat-backed smart phones including iPhones® and Galaxy series devices alike! They’re great for holding credit cards or hotel keys while still giving room to store some bills as well so there’ll never be another excuse not make sure everything’s safe again because now they always will stay right at hand whether its on desk next morning before work starts -or running around town during lunch break…

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Custom cell phone wallets

Custom cell phone wallets can be created online using unique customization tool! To get started, simply click the “Custom” button to the right of the product image above.

This tool allows you to upload a logo, choose an imprint color and place an order. You can also create a preview image that you can then save and send to your customer for easy proofing.

While our customization tool only allows for one-color customization, cell phone wallets can feature up to two colors. Please contact us for two-color custom cell phone wallets, and our team will be happy to help.

  • Max imprint size: 2″ x 2″
  • Lead time: 7 to 10 days after proof approval
  • A setup fee of $50 applies.

Please note: Custom cell phone wallets are subject to a $50 setup fee. The setup fee is waived on exact reorders.

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