14-mil Stickyback PVC ID Card with Mylar Liner CV-75P

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When you need a way to identify your valuable technology cards, look no further than the Stickyback card. These are custom-made with an adhesive backing that will stick securely on any surface. Stickyback cards are the perfect way to give your valuable technology a unique identifier without breaking bank.

Make your tech cards reusable with these innovative “sticky” cards.

Stickyback cards are a creative way to add a custom ID component to your valuable technology cards without breaking the bank.

One of the toughest parts about issuing custom proximity cards or custom smart cards is replacing them: if an employee leaves your company, you have a tech card worth a few dollars that is now useless.

The most difficult part about issuing custom proximity cards or smartcards is when employees leave their company. If you no longer need the card because someone else took over its use, then it’s worth just a few dollars- but this can be expensive for companies who are still using these outdated technologies!

When an employee leaves your company, it can be a tough situation. You might have to give up on their smart card and throw away all of the data stored on there because they are no longer using it for work purposes- which means you’ll need another one made from scratch!

With stickybacks, that problem is eliminated.

These adhesive-backed PVC cards are meant to be applied to existing credentials, and can be peeled off for reissue if necessary.

The adhesive-backed PVC cards are a durable and convenient way of carrying your important information. They can be peeled off for reissuing if necessary, making them an ideal choice in today’s world where we’re always on the go!

The PVC cards are a great way to secure your identity and keep it safe. They stick securely onto any existing document, so you don’t have worry about misplacing or losing anything!

For example, say your company issues smart cards to all employees. These cards, which open doors and make payments in your office park’s cafeteria, cost $3 each. If you print each employee’s name, photo and other variable data directly on the cards, you run the risk of having to throw those cards out if the employee leaves. Adios, $3!

If, instead of printing directly on the card, you had printed on a stickyback instead, you simply would have peeled off the stickyback and applied a new one when your new employee joined.

By using stickybacks, you’ll be able to better manage your tech card assets and save your organization money.

Stickybacks are meant to be used with tech cards or “unprintable” credentials, making them perfect for use as a smart government credential or a high-tech corporate ID badge.

  • This stickyback measures 2.13″ x 3.38″, also known as CR80 or credit card size.
  • The stickyback is 14 mils thick, roughly half the thickness of a normal PVC ID card.
  • Stickyback cards are customized using a standard PVC ID card printer.

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