CardExchange Solutions, Inc. provides solutions worldwide for a variety of markets with applications from entry level to advanced technology solutions including contactless including, biometrics, and customization. Our customers include government, corporate, education, healthcare, and more.

With our standard editions we ensure the customer has the ability to create a personalized solution to meet their specific needs while not only meeting, but exceeding, today’s market demands. Whether you need to have a standalone license or run our products over a network with clients, we have the solution just for you.

At CardExchange Solutions, Inc. our products are not limited to what our standard editions offer. As a specialist in customized solutions, CardExchange® has developed applications that allow for sophisticated functionality, features, and special embedded devices.

We welcome you to read more about some of the vertical market applications we have served and see for yourself how CardExchange® has become one of the leading software products on the market.

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