SCM SCR335 Smart Card Reader

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The small and compact SCR335 USB smart card reader is ISO 7816 compliant and reads and writes on all smart cards in ID-1 card format.
The reader has backside mounting holes which makes it suitable for the integration into various housings.

Its on-board flash allows seamless in-field firmware updates.

Typical Applications

The SCR335 is suitable for a wide range of applications and has been deployed in large numbers for applications like home banking over the past years.
Its small and compact size and rectangular shape, makes the reader interesting for OEM companies and system integrators as the embedded mounting holes on the reader backside makes it ideal for integrating it into different housings.
OEM customers or IT companies can integrate the SCR335 into larger systems, supporting applications such as secure logical access to computers and networks, secure authentication for Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer applications.


? Very small and compact design
? Mounting options embedded on the backside of the reader
? In field firmware updates
? Compliant with all major smart cards and relevant industry standards
? Customization options: Casing color and company logo OEM branding
? Software and functionality compatible with SCM?s SCR33xx readers family

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