SCM SCR3340 Express Smart Card Reader

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SCM?s SCR3340 Express Card? reader represents the next generation PC Card technology for high-performance interfaces in both mobile and desktop environments.

The reader is suitable for an Express Card? 54 mm slot; it is ISO 7816 compliant and is used for smart cards in ID 1 format.
The SCR3340 reader allows in-field firmware updates.

Typical Applications

The SCR3340 is available for built-in integration into notebooks, PDAs, Thin-Client systems and into Express Card54? Adapters for PC systems. It is suitable for a wide range of applications, e.g. home banking, network security, secure logon, email encryption, online gaming, as well as online loyalty points redemption and other PC related applications.
Its robust metal casing ensures highest durability in all conditions.


? ISO7816 contact card reader
? Robust metal casing with open-end mouth for convenient smart card insertion/removal
? USB2.0 full-speed interface? and standard USB2.0 driver architecture
? Smaller and lighter than a PCMCIA card reader
? In field firmware updates
? Compliant with all major smart cards and relevant industry standards
? Customization options: Company logo OEM branding on the label

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