SCM SCR3311 USB Smart Card Reader

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The SCR3311 is an ISO 7816 compliant vertical reader used for cards in ID 1 format.

The reader?s solid base ensures stability, even when using one hand to insert a smart card. Hence, the reader is ideal for desktop and POS usage.
The SCR3311 reader allows in-field firmware updates.

Typical Applications

The SCR3311 is primarily used as desktop and point of sales terminal. The heavy base makes it ideal for one hand operation for samrt card insertion and removal.
The 2m long USB cable allows it to place the reader further away from the host PC system, supporting different set up needs for e.g. POS or banking counters.
Typical POS applications are loyalty schemes, balance check, points redemption and e-Couponing applications.
Besides this the SCR3311 with its vertical card slot is also ideally suited for desktop use in applications such as logical access to computers and networks, digital signiture applications, electronic home banking and e-Commerce.


? ISO 7816 contact reader with vertical card insertion slot
? One hand operation with optional heavy weight base
? Ideal for POS and desktop use
? In field firmware updates
? Compliant with all major smart cards and relevant industry standards
? Customization options: Casing color and company logo OEM branding
? Software and functionality compatible with SCM?s SCR33xx readers family

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